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Flow Across America

The free and fun way to learn about fresh water and conservation.

What is Flow Across America?

Flow Across America is Summit360 Research's FREE water conservation education initiative. It's goal is to provide education on the topic of water conservation through the sharing of fun water facts.   It is open to the general public worldwide.   There is no cost to participate. Our mission is to improve lives by finding everyday ways to support nature.   



How the Flow Across America Initiative works: 


Every Tuesday, we will post an interesting water fun fact from across America in the form of a video question.  Then every Friday we will share the answer.  Just follow Summit360Research on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok to view the water fun facts, test your water awareness and automatically be entered into drawings for prizes.  

We will also post each week's fun fact and correct answer here on the website.

Do you have an interesting water related fun fact from your area?


You can contribute interesting fun facts from your area to share with the rest of the world - and increase your chances of winning.  We would love to hear from you.  No obligations or strings attached! 

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Submit a water related fun fact from your area!

Thanks for submitting!

(Prizes are donated from our sponsors.  Please contact us for sponsorship information and opportunities.)

Ready to challenge yourself to some fun water facts?  Check out our Flow Across America facts page.
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