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California's growing fresh water crisis and how WATERouter® can help.

Paul Rogers, Natural Resources and Environment Reporter for the Mercury Times put out an article recently stating that California's report on conserving water, while facing severe and deepening drought, was not good news.

"Driven by a lack of conservation in Southern California, the state’s largest cities and water districts cut statewide urban water use by just 1.8% in July compared to July 2020 — far short of Gov. Gavin Newsom’s call for a 15% statewide voluntary reduction."

While some of the 376 cities and water districts that reported numbers into the California State Water Resources Control Board, only 26 met or exceeded the target.

In the Google Map created by the California State Water Resources Control Board you can take a closer look at the reported water usage across the state.

Water reservoir levels across the state are dangerously low, and some are projected to run completely dry by the summer of 2022.

How we are trying to help:

We at Summit360 Research believe this is a perfect example of where our WATERouter® technology can have an huge impact, helping everyday homeowners and families save up to 25,548 gallons of fresh water per year for a family of four.

With over 39.51 million people in California that could lead to a yearly savings of 92 to 252 billion gallons of water saved just in flushing toilets every day, depending on the efficiency of the toilet itself.

So how does WATERouter® work?

WATERouter® captures and stores greywater from a nearby sink. When flushing is desired, the user depresses the WATERouter® pedal triggering the toilets flush mechanism and then transferring the stored greywater into the toilet tank readying it for the next flush. If there is not enough greywater to refill the toilet tank, the toilet's native fill mechanism is used to

make up any shortage.

If you would like more information on WATERouter® and to see the prototype in action please head over to our Introduction page for a short video and complete details on how it works.

What can you do to help?

Since WATERouter® is currently the prototype stage, we are asking you to help contact your federal, state, and local legislators to requests programs and support for conservation efforts like ours. A great resource for finding your representatives can be found at:

Want to get started conserving fresh water in your home today?

It's easy!

Start by turning off water while you are brushing your teeth or shaving. Just this one change can save 10 gallons of water per person per day.

With over 333 million people in the US, that is 3.33 billion gallons of water that could be saved today!


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