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Growing up in urban America in the 60s and 70s, our founder has always been drawn to our great national parks.  It was these national parks that inspired him to come out of retirement decades later to search for everyday ways that all of us can support nature.   Contrasted with the noise and pollution of the inner-city, it was the crystal clear waters of Flathead Lake in Montana along with constant news of drought and wildfire in the Southwest that inspired the WATERouter® concept in 2017.   With the water levels dropping on our surface water supplies, such as the great Colorado River to Lake Mead and through the Western US, water conservation has become ever so important.  The cost of fresh water is increasing in these regions with some residential customers exceeding $100 / month.  Local governments are looking for ways to reduce our water consumption in the Western US and all across America. 


Many of us want to help protect the environment and not waste resources.    Not only for financial reasons, many people have a sense of unity with nature and believe our symbiotic relationship is important.   However, most folks are also highly stressed with the rigors of everyday life.   Attending to work, caring for family and loved ones, meeting financial commitments take all the time we have already.  Conservation often becomes secondary.   Our goal of saving water needs to be easily accessible to the average person and not add to the everyday stresses of life for it to be effective.  This means that any water saving device needs to fit seamlessly into the average person's everyday life.  It must be easy to use, easy to install and adaptable to one's existing home… transparent to everyday life. 


After years of research and investigation, we are proud to introduce the first WATERouter® prototype, designed to overcome these barriers and bring water reuse to the everyday home.  WATERouter® focuses on the largest single freshwater usage in a typical home, toilets.  See the hand built prototype in action on the WATERouter® page.   


We are looking for partners with similar goals and aspirations to build and share WATERouter® with the rest of the country and beyond our borders. 

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water conservation, environmental education, product design

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