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Introducing WATERouter®

At Summit360 Research our mission is to improve lives by finding everyday ways to support nature. 
Our WATERouter® technology offers you the ability to capture previously used water and route it to toilets, saving fresh water.  A great way to introduce everyday conservation into any home.
WATERouter Bathroom Mockup Vanity Set-01.png

Minor modification to vanity may be required.

WATERouter® Features

Saves the environment.

Easy to use, one step flush & fill.

Sanitary hands free operation.

Reduces fresh water usage in toilets

Stores greywater throughout the day.

Saves money, can pay for itself in months.

Introduces everyday conservation into any home.

Potential to eliminate all fresh water usage for toilets.

Can be designed to match bathroom décor and with added storage.

Applicable to most homes.

Homeowner installation.

Typically 1 hour of installation down time.

No remodeling necessary in most cases.

No electrical wiring or batteries required

User maintainable.

Fail safe operation.

Back flow prevention.

Water filtering and treatment.

More water for low flow toilets.

Water router diagram showing how it is foot powered

Input/Check Valve

Output to

Toilet Tank

Foot Powered Pedal Pump




How it Works

WATERouter® captures and stores greywater from a nearby sink.

When flushing is desired, the user depresses the WATERouter® pedal triggering the toilets flush mechanism and then transferring the stored greywater into the toilet tank readying it for the next flush.

If there is not enough greywater to refill the toilet tank, the toilet's native fill mechanism is used to make up any shortage.

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